Our Barn Dance Fundraiser and I’m Back!


After an almost month long hiatus I finally have time to sit down and write again. November has been a busy month for us! First up was our barn dance and then we were off to Disney World to watch my little sister get married!  Thanksgiving is tomorrow and then another sister moves to Washington DC 3 days after that! In the meantime there is still school, work, and everything else. Background checks are being processed again but ours is still buried in the stack. It is so frustrating to know that we could be two months further along in this process. I am still trying to stay positive and hopeful that things will work out soon. So with that, let’s talk about our fundraiser! We could not have asked for a better day, 70 degrees in November? It was amazing. We got to see so many of our wonderful friends and family come together and support us and our future baby. I still haven’t quite figured out a way to express my gratitude. I honestly feel so blessed and lucky to know people that are willing to give so selflessly. You all have inspired me to make sure I live a life centered around helping others.

For anyone thinking about having a fundraiser or in case we decide to do another one (HA!) here are the details. We set our fundraiser up to have a flat fee that included dinner and drinks. We charged $20 per person, $60 for a family of four, and $5 for each additional child. For dinner we had barbecued chicken and pork sandwiches, coleslaw, green beans, and corn bread. Drinks included water, hot chocolate, and beer (note to self: 4 kegs is way too many). For dessert we let everyone make their own s’mores. The barn was great, the cost included hayrack rides, set up, cleanup, and they made sure our bonfire never went out. We had a live auction which included mostly donated items from friends and small businesses in our area. We danced to Gangnam Style and The Wobble, we ate too many s’mores, and when it was all over we raised a little over $3,300! Nick and I are so grateful to all of our incredible friends and family. Your kindness has taught us more than any book and I can’t wait to repay you one day. I’ve included some pictures of the night below. 

Nick and I serving up dinnerImage

Some of our auction itemsImage

Some  friends eating dinner by the bonfireImage

One of my favorite families ever!Image

A few more of my favorite peopleImage

Thank you for making this night so memorable for us! Love, Louise


5 thoughts on “Our Barn Dance Fundraiser and I’m Back!

  1. We just read your blog post about the barn dance party and dinner to raise money for your adoption. Your fundraising activity would be a great resource for a website that my husband and I are creating to assist other families with adoption fundraising. We’d like to include this story on the blog to help other families learn what you did and why you were successful. Would you be interested in being a guest blogger for our site and writing a small post for us to use? If this is something you would be interested in doing, please contact me for more details!


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